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How to choose high-quality LED moving head lights? (Part Ⅱ)

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In Part , it is mentioned that when choosing a high-quality moving head light, you need to pay attention to its light source, cooling system, CMY system, and quiet structure.

This part mainly talks about the functions part of moving head light for your reference.

1. Gobo wheel

At present, many companies choose moving head lights with spot function, which can bring gorgeous effects to the stage.

The fixed or rotating gobos pass through the beam of light to form a variety of gobo on the stage. Also, gobo with different colors can get a better visual experience.

Of course, in order to obtain a clear gobo, the quality of the gobo is very important, it always affects the brightness and clarity of the gobo. Due to the gobos are always under the high temperature, it must be resistant to high temperature and not easily deformed.

The fixed gobos, rotating gobos and animation wheel of the moving head light can present various gobos. Also use the gobo wheels with animation wheel can present the dynamic effect, like flowing water, flame.

2. Color wheel

The color wheel is equipped with almost every moving head light, generally 1 white + n colors. You can choose the color and quantity of the color according to your needs. What you need to pay attention to is whether the color is enough pure and uniform.

In addition, some lights can present bi-directional rainbow effect, and the effect with prisms and gobos will be even more stunning.

3. Framing

As the requirements for stage effects are varied, profile moving lights is more and more popular. There are 3 points to pay attention to when selecting:

whether the framing boundary is clear

whether the framing speed is fast enough and the movement is smooth

the framing angle, the angle of the profile moving lights on the market are generally 90°(±45 °), of course there are better ones that can reach 180°(±90°)

4. Zoom

Zooming is also the need to pay attention to when choosing a moving head light. With wide zoom range can not only obtain sharp beam, but also bring a large area of auxiliary light to the stage. Of course, this is also an important test for the illuminance and CRI of the light.

Besides, whether the zoom speed is fast and movement is smooth enough is also need attention.

5. Flicker-free

Many times, when we use high-power moving head lights on the stage, the camera will focus on the light, and sometimes we will find horizontal stripes, just like we use a camera to take a picture of a TV or computer screen.

Of course, this can also be avoided. You can adjust the PWM control system. After frequency control, you can ensure that there is no horizontal stripes under the operation of HD and ultra-high-definition cameras.

That's all, thanks for reading.

Wish everyone can choose a moving head light that you are satisfied with.

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