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For LED stage moving head lights, how long is the warranty provided by the Chinese factory?

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In the process of choosing a supplier,how long is the warranty period?is one of the issues that our customers are most concerned about.

The longer the warranty period provided by the manufacturer, the wider the scope of warranty coverage, you can benefit more. Especially for some middlemen, because in this way they can obtain benefits for their customers as much as possible, retain old customers and attract new customers. Meanwhile, it could help them reduce their own costs.

These are what make them become more competitive in the market.

How long is the warranty provided by the Chinese stage lighting factory?

We have done a investigation.

We found that most manufacturers have 1 year warranty period and do not include a light source.

Some manufacturers require customers to pay their own freight within the warranty period. Manufacturers that produce lamp moving head lights provide 0.5 or 1 year warranty.

In addition, manufacturers with their own R&D teams can provide customers with timely and efficient technical support; while public models rarely provide such services.

This is also crucial for choosing a good supplier.

After-sales and sales are of the same importance to manufacturers.

The biggest difference is that after-sales are not profitable.

If the warranty terms provided by the manufacturer are long-term and wide-ranging, it means that either the company`s financial capability is strong, or the product is stable and the failure rate is low.

Then such kinds of companies deserve to be one of our candidate companies.

Are you looking for a reliable and excellent supplier?
Favolite has the confidence and ability to become your supplier and help you solve after-sales problems.
And what service can Favolite could provide you?

1. The probability of errors in our products is very low,and we rarely receive complaints from our customers
2.The warranty period of our products is 2 years, and the spare parts can be replaced for free if there is no misuse or damage by human cause.
3. If one of the parts is broken and needs to be replaced, we can send it to you in time, and it will arrive in Europe in two days at the earliest.
4. You can buy spare parts for timely repair.
Many of our customers do like this.

Source: After-sales statistics come from Aliexpress, Amazon, websites of Chinese manufacturer.

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